Building a better Tomorrow

We Inspire, Design and Co-create a better Tomorrow.

We research emerging technologies and their impact on business and society.

We help you move forward

At Cleverland , we help businesses by:

  1. Providing inspiration
    –> What are these emerging technologies?

    In a 90 minute keynote we inspire the audience and provide insight into what the tech is about and what the impact is for your sector.

  2. Identifying opportunities
    –> How can you leverage this new technology to augment your business and be ready for Tomorrow?

    In a workshop we discover where the value is for your business.  Inspired by case studies from all over the world.

  3. Taking the first step
    –> What is the first specific step to take to start with this?

    We provide specific training on how to use new tools (like ChatGPT ) or help you create a pilot project and build a working solution.

Our services

Inspirational keynotes

There is no need to be a drastic innovator.

Be inspired by use cases that have already been developed accross the world.

Listen to the vision of what is possible and learn from the concrete results of AI and Web3 solutions.

An inspiration session kick-starts the brain and gets the team into the same mindset.


Before we build Tomorrow, we have to design it. 

First, identify the pain points that can be improved.

Secondly, identify the potential solutions to solve these painpoints and their potential added value vs. complexity to build.

Guided by experts in the field, reduce the list of potential solutions and select a winning use case.

Concept development

Ambition without execution is illusion.

Once we designed the solutions, we start building.   Cleverland has the experts to create the selected solution.

We build, test and optimize the solution in real life to evaluate before scaling.

We share all the learnings with the project team in your organisation and facilitate the roll-out. 

Learn from best-in-class use cases from around the world

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