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We Insipire, Design and Build to co-create next generation solutions

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Cleverland is a collective of experts that will guide you through the full process of Inspiration, Design and Development of solutions to create a better future 

Our services include:

Inspirational keynotes

Think about the future.

Get inspired about how society is changing and what the impact will be on your sector.
Learn about emerging technologies, new generations and explore the best-in-class use cases of how other companies have created a better future.

Your team will be buzzing with excitement to get started. 


Design Tomorrow. 

We take your team through a series of exercises to map out the opportunities of creating a better future for your customers. 

At the end of the workshops, you have your strategic plan and a clear list of pilots that can be developed.


Solution development

Build the solution. 

We use the technology of tomorrow to build solutions that will create a better future for your customers. 

We will build and test the solution and learn how big the impact is on customer loyalty and the set objectives. 


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Our Partners

Case Study 1

NFT customer loyalty solutions

Web3 technology is offering a universal way to identify customers and reward them for their loyalty.

Cleverland explored the tremendous opportunity for gamification, rewards, ambassadorship, targeted promotions for customer acquisition and retention.   

The technology is mature to execute loyalty programs at scale.  Understand and participate in the conversation to remain relevant for the next generation of customers.

Case Study 2

AI powered customer observation

AI allows us to monitor customer behaviour 24/7, identify events and opportunities to improve the relationship and reduce friction. 

Employees can focus on the human tasks that require judgement, creativity and emotion, while AI is taking care of the recurrent tasks.

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