Inspirational Keynotes

Get insight in the context of tomorrow and learn about your opportunities.

Inspirational keynotes kick-start innovation

Top speakers tell the story about why we need to invest in a better future, how we can use emerging technologies and what are the concrete opportunities to create value for the next generation of customers.

The quickest way to innovate is to learn from best-in-class cases that have proven their value.  Get a Masterclass and take the short cut to making impact. 

How do you create an irresistable proposition?

Lena Berth, a former journalist turned storytelling expert, specializes in enhancing brand identities through narrative. Her approach extracts and showcases the unique character of each brand, fostering deeper connections with their audiences. Lena’s strategic and creative storytelling has made her a prominent figure in the field, helping companies to stand out and engage effectively with their communities. Her transition from impactful journalism to brand storytelling illustrates the transformative power of narrative in building relationships and brand loyalty.

Book Lena’s 60-minute keynote on Storytelling to elevate your brand’s appeal. Follow up with her workshop for hands-on guidance in crafting your unique story, refining your narrative skills to captivate your audience and set your brand apart.

How to win with
Gen Z & Alpha

Gen Z and Alpha are the next generations of customers.  They are mobile and AI natives who were raised in the 2000’s.  They have completely different expectations than the customer of today. 

Discover their customer journey, how they look for information, how they communicate and the values they uphold as customers of the future.

Web3 Masterclass

Web3 has been one of the key emerging technologies in the past year.  How can we use the technology to create value for our business? 

Crypto, NFT’s, Blockchain, The Metaverse, …  are some of the key building blocks.  It’s time to demystify these concepts.   


AI Masterclass

AI is maturing and becoming the obvious technology in the next wave of digital transformation.  

In a dynamic keynote, we answer three major questions:
1. What does AI mean? 
2. What is the leverage you can expect on your business?
What is the impact it will make on society?

Deep dive Masterclass

Cleverland has a global network of experts we can call upon to deliver a deep dive into any topic your organisation needs to learn about.  

Our Deep dive Masterclasses are the most efficiënt way to raise the level of awareness within your organisation and create a professional level of understanding about any topic. 

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