In our Design Thinking workshops, we identify the pain points and potential solutions.

A one-day workshop to identify the impact for your business

Design Tomorrow

Guided by our Design Thinking experts and inspired by the case studies from the inspiration sessions, we identify opportunities that AI or Web3 can offer to your business. 

This design workshop is essential.   Before we dive into the technology, we identify about the pains and opportunities that are present in the business and evaluate what the biggest opportunity is to make an impact. 

What's included

On-site or remote workshop

  • AI/Web3 landscape primer

  • Discussion of pain points/threats and innovation opportunities

Opportunity design report

  • Key themes including threats and opportunities identified
  • Exploitation plan containing a breakdown of opportunities and next steps aligned with business goals
  • Post-workshop review

  • Review and Q&A session with Web3 Labs leadership on workshop report
  • Discussion of pain points/threats and innovation opportunities
  • Benchmark forum

    • Set your KPI’s benchmarked with global use cases
    • Learn from similar innovations in the sector or application

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