How was chatGPT built? Simple…

Do you know how ChatGPT was trained? ChatGPT is “simply” a fined-tuned GPT-3 model with a surprisingly small amount of data! Moreover, ChatGPT is using 1.3B parameters where GPT-3 uses 175B parameters! It is first fine-tuned with supervised learning and then further fine-tuned with reinforcement learning. They hired 40 human labelers to generate the training data. Let’s dig into it!

– First, they started by a pre-trained GPT-3 model trained on a broad distribution of Internet data ( Then sampled typical human prompts used for GPT collected from the OpenAI website and asked labelers and customers to write down the correct output. They fine-tuned the model with 12,725 labeled data. 

– Then, they sampled human prompts and generated multiple outputs from the model for each of the prompt. A labeler is then asked to rank those outputs. The resulting data is used to train a Reward model ( with 33,207 prompts and ~10 times more training samples using different combination of the ranked outputs.

– We then sample more human prompts and they are used to fine-tuned the supervised fine-tuned model with Proximal Policy Optimization algorithm (PPO), a Reinforcement Learning algorithm ( The prompt is fed to the PPO model, the Reward model generates a reward value, and the PPO model is iteratively fine-tuned using the rewards and the prompts using 31,144 prompts data.

This process is fully described in here: The paper actually details a model called InstructGPT which is described by OpenAI as a “sibling model” to ChatGPT, so the numbers shown above may be slightly different from the exact ones used for ChatGPT.

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By Damien Benveniste, PhD

how was chatGPT built

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